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Sunday, 28 August 2005 02:31 pm

@lantis Gaming Center and Our New Location

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June 3, 2005
Well we have scheduled our Second All-Nighter at Duelers. Please come out and join in with all the fun on June 25th.


May 5, 2005
Well we have scheduled our First All-Nighter at Duelers. Please come out and join in with all the fun on May 21st.

We are also working on the final plans for DPCon 2 here at Atlantis. Check out this forums link for more information and date.
DPCon 2K5


March 24, 2005
For the month of April any current member that comes in and plays will recieve a 1 year extention to their membership at no cost. This is to say thanks for sticking with us during this time.


March 1, 2005
The doors are open once again now at our NEW new location. Here is the address, Phone#, & directions : Due to problems with the owner of the Skate board park we moved out on Feb 28th, well thrown out would be a better statement. We are now located at Duelers in Indian Trail. I think this will lead its self to a better place and will be a great location. The owner of Duelers, Joe, is a great guy and love to hang out like I did. And like me he is never at home, LOL. In addition to moving us out with out an explanation the owner also fired Adam with no notice. Really nice guy.

133 Indian Train Road
Indian Trail, Nc 28079


From I-485 take US-74, Independence blvd exit 52B, toward Monroe. Go to the second light , about 2 miles, and turn right. go thru the next light and just past the corner building on the right is out location. Please come out and visit us sometime.


December 1, 2004
December is here, hope everyone had the chance to experience Half-Life 2 and its gravity gun[fun]. Just released today...Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, gravity gun and all. There are already tons of servers up, so grab the grav-gun and enjoy throwing toilets and everything else you can pick up at other gamers.

Also, make it out to the last 2 All-Nighters[1][2] before we make the move to our new location. Both will be this weekend, December 3rd & 4th.

November 17, 2004
Around 3am yesterday Eastern time...

November 8, 2004
The first Halo 2 Tournament is scheduled for this Saturday, November 13th. It starts at noon and runs until all have got their Halo 2 fill. Cost will be only $5. Run by your nearby EBGames location to sign-up or stop by the center to sign-up.

Final Counter-Strike terms have been posted. In short, each team is required to prepay $20 and BYOC is allowed. Full rules can be viewed here.
Any questions concerning either tournament?? .

November 5, 2004
Check out the new setup...

November 1, 2004
The Big Month has finally come to all you gamers. This Month has been a been awaited now for a long time for many reasons...
1. ...if you plan on being an insomniac from playing way too much Halo 2 starting the 9th.
2. ...if you have gone insane awaiting Half-Life 2, the "declared best game of all time", for the sixth year [plus you can't stop playing with the manipulator gun].
3. ...if you were addicted to EverQuest and have to get started on EverQuest 2 on November 8th.
4. ...if you're not into the shooting/RPG world, then maybe you'll be getting into the new Need for Speed Underground 2. It's being shipped on the 9th.
5. ...if you were fortunate enough to be included in the WoW beta or just can't wait for World of WarCraft. It ships on the 15th.
6. ...if you just can't wait for the great food on Thanksgiving.
If you live under a rock or just don't know what Halo2 or Half-Life2 means to the gaming community, then go back to sleep and we'll let you know when The Sims 3 is out .

For everyday this month, on Wednesdays, play ALL-DAY for only $15. That is $1.50/hour for ten hours if you can handle it.

October 27, 2004
You like to play games right? You like to test them before they are officially released? Want to win an ATI X800 videocard? ...more details here.

October 18, 2004 - Half-Life 2 Gold
Over the weekend, Valve broke the piņata to celebrate Half-Life 2's Gold announcement. It was official, so expect Half-Life 2 @ Atlantis soon, the retail version will reach stores 9 hours after it's release on Steam, November 16th @ 12am.

On Wednesday, Atlantis & GameLAN of Winston-Salem will play StarWars Battlefront. Come out to play in the friendly competition with another NC gaming center.

October 9, 2004 - Halloween Event & Costume Party
For October 30th & 31st, anyone who comes out to play dressed as a videogame character or with any costume will get a low rate of $3/hour for PC/XBOX/PS2. No minimum hours to buy, but a maximum of 20 hours. Prizes will be given to the best costumes, so show us your creative side, just keep it appropriate.

October 7, 2004
As I stated last week on the forums, Valve has announced the release of Counter-Strike: Source, non beta of course. The famous mod will be available to those that pre-purchase Half-Life 2, in one of three flavors. As always, Atlantis will have it available on all machines, right in time for the All-Nighter this Friday.

All-Nighter for this Friday will most likely be packed out. Most spots have been reserved so far. If you want to reserve a slot, it requires a $10 pre-payment towards the cost of the All-Nighter. When you arrive, just pay the remainder of the All-Nighter cost, and your Computer/Xbox is yours for the night.

September 30, 2004
Starting next Wednesday @lantis Gaming center will start participating in a Lan Center competition. The game will be decided at least a week before hand as well as the center to be played. Currently we have 2 centers joining with us and will add more as we can. Check out the forums for the event and location.

Next event October 6th @ 7PM till 9PM - BattleFront

Current centers:
GameLan - Winston Salem, NC
Digital Lifestyles Center - Greensboro, NC

September 29, 2004
Due out next week is Counter-Strike: Source [non-beta]. It will [hopefully] be available for all that pre-purchase one of the flavors of Half Life 2. The info came from Gabe Newell, VALVe's founder/managing director, who reported to Half-Life Fallout the new details on HL2 purchases.

September 22, 2004
Added 19 new maps to the online Counter-Strike: Source server. Valve has been doing some work on Steam today, so the server might not show up until the maintenance is completed. Now there is more to play than just de_dust, here @ Atlantis and on your comp.

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