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The Aimer Tournament[settings updated 5/31/4]

August 29, 2004
Since the last Aimer Tournament was a great success, we will hold another Aimer on Friday, September 17th, at 6pm. Signup for this event will be from August 29th until 5:30pm on September 17th. After 5:30pm, signups won't be allowed, due to last tourney's delays for teams. This run will be 2v2 with the same map choices below from the last Aimer.

...Forums to request more Aim type maps be listed

May 22, 2004
From all the requests & everyone taking CounterStrike way too seriously, there has been a demand put on us to hold a different kind of tournament. For the next CS event, there will be no long CAL/CPL rule list to go by. Basics consist of 3v3 with spawn-kill protection. The date will be June 18th, starting @ 7pm.
If 8 or less teams show up, the first bracket round will be single elimination followed by double elimination rounds for the winning teams from the first round.
If 12 or more teams show, the first 2 bracket rounds will be single elimination, followed by double elimination rounds. This tournament is primarily for fun, since that's the reputation for the following maps anyway[meaning, these are the maps to be practiced]:

...Forums to request more Aim type maps be listed

The Small List of Rules for The Aimer

Be nice & have fun. Don't use real guns, come to Atlantis & have fun while killing your friends over a LAN. Spawn-killing will be punished by immediate death for the round.

As far as Registration, the same as past tournies until. Cost is only $15/team[pre-June18th] since this tourney is primarily for fun or $20/team on June 18th. Check Forums to get teamed up or to make requests.
Send an email to with the following listed for registration:

Team Name:
Player names[Leader at top]:
Leader contact number:
Alternate Players:

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