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Friday, 17 December 2004 12:46 am

All-Nighter LAN Party

September 8, 2004
Hey All-Night Gamers, scheduled for the 25th is yet another 15 hour event. However, we will hold our first 25 hour Gaming Event. Instead of hanging around for merely 15 hours, try & stick with us for the full 24 hours. If you want to attend for 15 hours, it will be $30 for members. For the full 24 hours, it will be $50. We will include more perks to the ones that attend the full DAY/NIGHT of gaming, so come out to stay along for the ride. Come check out the new games that we have & will have, here @ Atlantis.

September 1, 2004
Set for September 25th be prepared for 15 hours of LAN gameplay experiencing the new DooM 3. We will [hopefully] have Half Life 2 also for everyone to play. Ground Control 2 and Digital Paint Ball2 will also be played. I notice plenty of players are getting addicted to FreeLancer & its modded multiplayer game. Plenty will be here to join up to play.

August 2, 2004
Set for August 13th, or Friday the 13th, be prepared for 13 hours of terrifying gameplay experiencing the new DooM 3. We will [hopefully] have Counter-Strike: Source also for everyone to play. Ground Control 2 will arrive for everyone to play for the 13th, then on the 14th, we will host a Ground Control 2 LAN Party. I notice plenty of players are getting addicted to FreeLancer & its modded multiplayer game. Plenty will be here to join up to play. See you on the 13th.

July 2, 2004
Along with the All-Nighter for this weekend of the 4th of July, we will be having 2 additional All-Nighters for the month of July. The dates for the additional events will be on July 13th & July 27th 30th. 15 hours of pure gaming will apply to all All-Nighters for the month of July. I have spoken to many new gamers that have discovered Atlantis that are attempting to come out for the All-Nighters. A few are Clan-based & some have Cal/OGL ranking. Of course as most of the Atlantis regulars would say is "it would be great to have s'more targets walking around." I guess we'll see in the near future if the regulars can hold up their ranking.

June 25, 2004
Get ready for the next All-Nighter, not just 12 hours, we are going to go for 15 Hours!!! Since it's the July 4th Holiday, we are ready for this gaming holidy for 15 straight hours. Again, pizza & $2 of drinks will be included in the price. Play our computers or bring your computer[must own legal gaming software] & a huge apetite for gaming. FarCry has finally been tweaked for the best LAN & online gaming. Plus, UT2004 has been a huge hit over here at Atlantis. As usual, we have all the servers you need going all at the same time. It's all powered by Bawls, Monster, & TeamSpeak. You need to stay up for this one. See you there!

MaY 31, 2004
Since the May 22nd All-Nighter, everyone has been asking when the next one is. We are giving you two dates to mark down for all-nighters. Mark down June 5th, same time as last all-nighter, Saturday midnight-noon Sunday. Then, only two weeks after, mark down June 19th, same time, Saturday midnight-noon Sunday. This is 12 hours of gaming with Atlantis packed out. Tons of CounterStrike, Desert Combat, 1942, Halo, Armagetron, FarCry, Rise of Nations, FreeLancer, UT2004, & You know the rest... is going to be happening all-night.

These All-Nighters are Reservation Only. We have 16 PCs unclaimed & 3 XBOXes that will be open for play. Once 16 slots have been filled for our PCs, registration will be closed for anyone else wanting to claim a PC. Anyone can always BYOC [bring there own console[GameCube, PS2, XBox, etc.]] or computer. If you do decide to BYOC, you will be required to have anti-virus software installed & updated. Only WinXP will be recongnized by our network to play on. We will not install our games on customer's systems. We can accomidate up to 30 PC for BYOC. If you want to register a seat for an All-Nighter, you can call & pay over the phone by credit card, or drop by the center and pre-pay for one of the nights. Prices are $25 for members & $30 for non-members.

Again, pizza[provided by Papa John's] & $2 dollars of drinks will be included in the price of the all-nighter. We have tons of candy, energy drinks, & coke products to keep you filled up & awake for the whole night. Any Adam or David for more details @ 704.844.6000 or IRC us on #AtlantisGamers.

May 03, 2004
Everyone had a blast at the last All-Nighter that came out. For the next all-nighter, it will be on Saturday night, May 22nd, from midnight till noon Sunday morning. Everyone bring a sleeping bag if you can't handle the gaming all night, or crash on one of our huge leather masterchairs. BYOC is always allowed & Pizza will be provided. For members, it's just $25, non-members come out for $30. Anyone wanting to participate can prepay or just show up. Everyone look forward to having a blast. I know CounterStrike, UT2004, Desert Combat, Halo, Rise of Nations, & Armagetron will be on everyone's minds for this event. If you haven't experienced an Armagetron LANfest, you will have to join in.

Pics from recent All-Nighters

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