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CounterStrike[PC] Tournament
November 2, 2004
Ok, it's been awhile since we've had a CS tournament, for a few reasons. For one, the new CAS Steam server we have running now locally allows each player to literally keep their settings while moving to other computers. The tournament will start at 5pm Saturday, November 20th. Sign-ups will not be taken after 10 pm on Friday. The most recent CAL config and rules will be used for the tournament. A non-refundable prepay of $20 is required, and will go towards your team's cost. This will let us know what teams plan on attending. Cost will be $10/player, that's $50/team with 5 members. A team can have backup players, meaning $10/backup. To post your ideas, head over to the post in the forums for the next 5v5 CS Tournament

-Update- BYOC is allowed.
July 19, 2004
Next 5v5 CounterStrike will be on August 7th @ 7pm. Map selecation will be the current CAL rotation. CAL config will be used. To post your ideas/suggestions, post on the thread.
May 22, 2004
Next CS event, head over to The Aimer Tournament[non-CAL/CPL] area...
April 26, 2004
From all the requests and demand for CAL settings, we have made the CAL map rotation our default rotation, as follows[meaning, these are the maps to be practiced]:


View the Tournament Rules/Configs for Future Tournaments at @lantis.

As far as Registration, the same as last tourney until we get the online account for a billing option. Cost is $50/team prepaid before day of Event, or $60 on May the 21st. If you do not live close to the center, we will allow the team leader to "pre-register" over the phone. We will simply reserve your slot by taking your credit card number & holding it until the day of the event. In order to find out how many teams will be showing up, make sure to register as soon as you can. Any team can always get a refund if needed, so register soon so we can bracket all teams & let you know what time your team will be playing. Check Forums to get teamed up or to make requests.
Send an email to with the following listed:

Team Name:
Player names[Leader at top]:
Leader contact number:
Alternate Players:

- @lantis.Rhiggs
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