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Wednesday, 15 December 2004 08:47 am

CounterStrike[PC] Tourney

March 21, 2004
We have been asked a few times what the prizes will be for the Tourney. So here's the scoop.

All money received will be split 50 - 50. Meaning that for every dollar received 50 cents goes to the center and 50 cents goes to the prize money.
  • First place will receive 50% of the prize money.

  • Second place will receive 30% of the prize money.

  • Third place will receive 20% of the prize money.

As for other prizes we may or may not be adding additional prizes. As we develop more information we will let every one know.

Also we have been asked about adding alternates to the teams rosters. This is approved as long as these are added to the team roster before the day of the tourney and that they are listed as Alternates when the team signs up. There will be no extra charge for listing Alternates on the teams roster. But if your team shows up at he Tourney with less than 5 members you will have only 2 choices. First play in the tourney with those from your teams roster that did show, think of it this way you may still win. Second is to forfeit the tourney and loose your entry fee.

- GameKeeper

March 12, 2004
The Tournament scheduled for March 26th on a Friday is due to the weekend being more cumbersome for interference during the tournament. Since we did not get a huge response on the forum poll, we will use the 4 top maps voted for on the poll. On the day of, we will decide from the number of teams signed up from registrations what maps will be used. You have the map list, so don't complain about what maps will be played since those were the ones voted for.

You must register you and your 4 other team-mates as a team. If you don't have a team, hop on the forums and meet up with someone if you definitely want to play. To register a team for the 26th, write to listing team name, member names, and phone number of the team leader. Cost will be $10/player, meaning $50/team.

Top maps voted for from forums[meaning the maps you should practice]

  • de_dust
  • de_dust2
  • de_prodigy
  • de_cbble

- @lantis.Rhiggs

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