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Archived Announcements

September 11, 2004

The Members, Employees and the Owners here at Atlantis Gaming Center would like to remember those that gave their lives 3 years ago today. We send our wishes to the families and friends in the hope that they have found ways to deal with their losses. To those who are fighting the terrorist both here and abroad please know that we hope that everyone will be safe and return home to your loved ones.

We would like everyone to take a moment of silence today and remember all of them.

Thank you from @lantis,
September 11, 2004
Expected @ Atlantis on October 9th will be the Tribes Vengeance LAN Party, including PC games give-away's& other prizes for attending. Again, expect more NC Vivendi LAN parties being held only @ Atlantis.
We have copies of Burnout 3 in the center now, so for those are fans of awesome destructive driving mixed with racing, come by & get addicted. We know you will.

September 8, 2004
For those that love to attend the All-Nighters, plan on coming out to our first 25-hour event. On September 25th starting @ 9pm & not ending until 10pm Sunday, Atlantis will have 25 hours of gaming welcome to all that can handle it. This is for those that are in the hardcore gamer category, or if you are just fueled by Bawls or Monster.

Now for those XBOX fans, plan on attending the huge opening we will be hosting for the launch of the game all of you have been waiting for, Halo 2. On November 10th, the day after the big release, we here @ Atlantis will be lending out our entire facility just for the Halo 2 fans. Anyone & everyone will be allowed to bring their own consoles[Halo2 of course], TVs, controllers, friends, etc for the all-day event. The cost will be $25 for the whole day. There will be plenty of room for all to join, with LAN games all day to keep you busy getting used to the new Bungie wonder. The release is scheduled just over 2 months away, so let us here some ideas you want to see by posting a thread in the forums.

August 29, 2004
Hey CounterStrikers, we got another Aimer coming your way, only 2v2 this time. It will be held on September 17th @ 6pm. Got any suggestions, reply to the post in the forums.

August 20, 2004
Ok here is a back to school Special for everyone, Members and Non-Members. Starting today and running till at least the end of the month well will be pricing all X-box and PS2 time at just $2.50 per hour per person. We will be running specials like this through out the year so keep an eye out here, on our white boards in the store or at one of the local stores that hand out flyers for us, EB Games and High Tech Video Games among others.

August 14, 2004
Check out pics posted from last night's All-Nighter & today's Vivendi LAN Party. Expect to see more Vivendi Launch LAN Parties soon, including a Half Life 2 Party.

August 13, 2004
On Sat. Aug 14 we will be hosting a LAN party sponsored by Vivendi Universal. This lan party will be free to those that wish to play, we can only host 16 systems for this so you want to be here early. We will start the war at about 1pm and will last till 3pm or so. During this event we will be giving out prize provided by Vivendi. So after the all nighter stick around and have some more fun.

August 11, 2004
Last night @ 6pm started the pre-loading of Counter-Strike: Source Beta for CyberCafes. Today the beta will be unlocked for play only for CyberCafes. The exact time is not known yet, but Atlantis will have CS: Source today for you to test out. For those gamers that do come to test out the beta, expect 20v20 max multiplayer on de_dust. Details if this will be the standard max for Source has not been made final yet to us, but the capabilities of Source is amazing. See you soon.

August 6, 2004
Now @ Atlantis...PlayStation 2 systems. Each PS2 comes is equipped with the online/network adapter. Now with PS2 plus XBOXs, you can play those games that aren't offered online for both systems.

August 2, 2004
August is Getting Scared Month. First off, come & check out DooM 3 to get terrified. The single-player mode will keep you checking every corner for hellish monsters. If you are used to Quake 3 styled multiplayer, check the extreme fun modes in DooM 3 for multiplayer. Hiding in corners is a plus; sneak up on your friends & give them a fun frag.

Continuing the Scare-fest...Friday the 13th All-Nighter. Going for 13th hours straight, check out the new games @ Atlantis including DooM 3 of course, Ground Control 2, hopefully Counter Strike: Source will be here, and the recent most played Modded FreeLancer. Then stop by the next day for the Ground Control 2 LAN Party hosted by Atlantis by Vivendi Universal.

July 31, 2004
Hey gamers, @lantis.Rhiggs here. Tons of things to talk about...

First off, great turnout last night @ the All-Nighter. It was sold out with extras from BYOC. Freelancer got a long run from more than 12 people while CounterStrike was played out as always. We look forward to more great All-Nighters.

Next thing to talk about is the Ground Control 2 LAN party we will be hosting for Vivendi Universal Games. It will be on August 14th if everything goes as planned, with prizes, gameplay, & plenty of information on upcoming Vivendi Games[ie Half Life 2]. I will post full details early on August.

How is your gaming rig for Doom 3? Find out from [H]ard|OCP if you will be running on low or ultra[highly unlikely unless you have a 512 vid card stashed away somewhere].

Finally, if you want to sign-up for the Digital Paint Conference held here @ Atlantis on August 21st-22nd, head over to the Digital Paint WebArea for information & instructions.

For August, hourly rates will be $4 for PC & XBOX[for members only].

July 28, 2004
Write this down on your calendar for August. On the 21st, we will be hosting the DPCon[Digital Paint Conference]. The event will be starting @ 3pm end ending @ 3am. The actual paintball playing won't begin until 1...yes, real paintball! For more information on Digital Paint Conference, check out the DPCon 2.0 WebArea. All are welcome to come out to this event to check out the paintball frenzy & to play some real paintball.

July 24, 2004
Due to Atlantis early August will be Counter Strike: Source Beta. Come & check it out.

July 13, 2004
Wanna prove you are the best @ CounterStrike??? On July 6th, iPGCL, a premier connection between US gaming centers, started its first CS ladder. Due to getting contacted the first day of the event[wished it would have been earlier], Atlantis is looking for the best to come out & play proving that NC has the best CS players. With some good help from ef ~ fr0s7y & ef ~ antagonist, I will conduct tryouts on Wednesday[14th] & Friday[16th]. The ladder[preseason] will run until the end of August. If there are any questions, head over to the thread & register in the forums.

July 12, 2004
Updated CounterStrike: Source info from Doug Lombardi of valve found on Here are some actual game pics not taken from a cam.

Also, come into Atlantis to check out over 30 minutes of footage of CounterStrike: Source. The videos consist of players overseas getting a crack at it & 2 teams playing a pseudo-tournament on the new Source.

July 8, 2004
Specials for the month of July.

All Xbox access for members and non-members is only $3.00 per hour.
And ALL Ladies get Free game play, both computer and X-box, for the whole month!

July 7, 2004
All the CounterStrike gamers were asking for it & now you got it. The Dedicated CS Internet Server is up & running. The CS server is loaded with AdminMod. For those not familiar with AdminMod, it is a plugin that allows non-administrative players to vote for various things during gameplay such as mapchanges & player kicks.
As well as our CounterStrike Server, our Dedicated FarCry Internet Server is up & running. If you have the gaming rig to handle Crytec's engine, then hop on to play. We are just getting our IP out, so we will have players soon.

June 27, 2004
For all you CounterStrike players that want to play along with other CS Players that are familiar with Atlantis, head over to the CS-Connection Area to connect with players you are used to playing with. You can add your CS name by IMing AtlantisGamers, or simply . It's all powered by

Well it's one week away until the huge 15-hour massacre. At around 9pm next Sunday will begin the 15-hour All-Nighter. Once again it will be reservation only. The last event was sold out, so try to register soon. BYOC is always allowed. See you there!

June 16, 2004
Final article posted for the Orac3 on bit-tech. Who wouldn't want a machine that looks like that? Conclusion: All computers need more shower hoses to be cool, or k00l for all you Üb3rg33x. ;)

June 7, 2004
Starting today we are having a giveaway for a $100 Gift Certificate to There is NO purchase to enter. Only requirement is playing 30 minutes for free on the new nVidia 6800. Then you are entered. That's it. The 30 minutes will not deduct time away from your account. The drawing will be held at the beginning of the All-Nighter on June 19th at midnight. With the 30 minutes, you can check out the full capabilities of nVidia's new PowerHouse before it hits stores. Don't waste your time with the Call of Duty or BF1942. Try out FarCry or UT2004 on the highest settings, games that make a videocard work for its graphics. Everyone who enters giveaway will receive an nVidia Nalu poster free, upon request & while supplies last. We will be giving away many nVidia goodies also, so come out for the All-Nighter, slots will be filling up soon.
Now, finally everyone who drives by that still wonders what this place is all about can see from their car. The pic says it all. Doesn't Nalu in the left window look great also? I know I know, nVidia's 6800 rocks...We will be having a special day soon, for members only, just to honor nVidia's upcoming graphic-card line.

June 6, 2004
Great turnout last night for the All-Nighter. Check out the pics, they're posted. See everyone in 2 weeks again for another All-Nighter. Drop some ideas off by on what you want here for the next All-Nighter. Remeber, the next All-Nighter is reservation only also, meaning when all spots are paid for, reservations will be stopped. Sign up early by credit card[704.844.6000] or stop by the center. It's Saturday@midnight, June 19th.

June 2, 2004
Three copies of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay are being showcased at Atlantis, sponsered by So come in for one free hour of gameplay for this new Xbox title.
"The Best-looking Xbox game we've ever seen. And we've seen them all." - Official Xbox Magazine

May 31, 2004
Well, it's last day of May & we have tons of things planned for June. First off, check out Your Price Specials for June. We're keeping you awake & not hungry with energy drinks & candy with the hours you buy. Check out the Pricing Area for more information.

Now on for some long night news. From the last incredible turnout for the all-nighter we threw, we've had plenty ask when the next one is. Well, don't mark your calendar down for one date. Mark it down for Two All-Nighters. Learn more by heading over to the All-Nighter Area. And btw, these are reservation only All-Nighters, but you're always welcome to bring your own computer[s]/console[s]. You might want to act quickly, it was a packed-out house this last weekend. If you have any questions just call 704.844.6000 & ask for Adam or David.

Finally, for you CounterStrike fans that wanted The Aimer, the date is set for
June 18th @ 7pm. Read more in The Aimer area.

May 23, 2004
Halo Tournament pics posted from today's event. Thx for all the teams that showed up. Rocket launchers & Warthog grenading was on key today. Let us know what scenarios you want for the next event. Keep practicing with that pistol!

Pics posted from last night's All-Nighter. Check them out. It was a packed out house.

May 22, 2004
Come in to check out nVidia's newest gpu, the GeForce 6800, in full action. With a memory bandwith reaching just over 35 GB/sec & a pricetag over $450, this card has no problem handling the newest games supporting DirectX9 features. Plus this new powerhouse VideoCard is not available in stores yet. Come check out the demos, games, & nVidia's Nalu. Atlantis & 29 other centers around the country are introducing everyone to their new videocard Powerhouse. From this coming Monday[24th] thru June 20th is the Launch Event. Come into Atlantis to check out hot games running some of the latest graphics like FarCry & UT2004.

Pictures posted from Last night's CounterStrike Tournament. Hope, DS, & 4son had fun playing for 4 hours ;) Next thing to watch for is The Aimer Tournament, since the maps that will be played test who can react & aim the quickest. Settings & event date will be posted soon.

May 17, 2004
GameSpy recently[a week before E3] had the chance to speak with Valve's Doug Lombardi about its progress & possibly a release date for HL2. He believes the Valve team will have HL2 completed by mid-summer. Come in to Atlantis to watch the video & and every HL2 footage available.

May 16, 2004
Just like Half-Life 2's excitement, Halo 2 got plenty of attention, even after last year's showing. This year Bungie showed off multiplayer features. Come in to watch the E3 Multiplayer demostration & click on the pics below for a glimps on what everyone at E3 experienced. Vehicles have been redone to show detailed damage & you'll like the weapon features[dual-wielding], especially the close combat covenant energy sword ;)

May 14, 2004
Come in anytime & take a look at a CounterStrike video that shows aztec running on the Halflife 2 Source© Engine. The video was taken from an E3 this week & quality is actually great compared to others I've seen. After "experiencing" the beta, it's clear that the new Source© has got many changes from last year's gameplay vids. These pics don't do the video justice, so download it or stop by to see it for yourself.

May 5, 2004
Title Fight! The Ultimate Gaming Grudge - Fight over the Greatest Game of all time between 64 games over 6 weeks. What do you think?

May 03, 2004
Wow, what an awesome weekend planned for tournaments & an All-Nighter for May 21st-23rd. The All-Nighter will be lasting 12 hours, so hopefully you can squeeze enough gaming into that amount of time. BYOC=allowed; FOOD=Pizza! Let's have a great night of gaming, just like the last LANparty.

April 25, 2004
There up, See the Halo Tournament Pics from yesterday's 4v4 TS Tournament. Hope everyone had a blast, and for those first timers that participated, next tournament will be a 2v2, so tons of teams will show like the first we hosted. Everyone start practicing, cause it's not far away.
Next 5v5 CounterStrike Tournament will be held on May 21st @ 7pm. At Minimal, Prizes will consist for 1st & 2nd place. First place will receive 60% of half the profit taken in for the night. Second place will receive the remainder of half the profit, 40%. Additional prizes will be given out. The event will be run using true CAL Config, since it was requested by most, and ghosting will not be allowed.
Next 2v2 Halo Tournament will be held on May 23rd @ 4pm. At Minimal, Prizes will consist for 1st & 2nd place. First place will receive 60% of half the profit taken in for the night. Second place will receive the remainder of half the profit, 40%. Additional prizes will be given out. As before, Use the Forums to post the settings you want to see at the event.

April 21, 2004
Armagetron Video & a few pics are up. If you haven't played this massive game, come check it out. We have had a blast playing it with many LANners.

April 13, 2004
View the Tournament Rules/Configs for Future Tournaments at @lantis for CounterStrike[PC].

April 7, 2004
We now have 2 new domains name that can be used to access the site with.

Let us know what you think.

Well we are a few days from the All nighter. Lets hear from those that are coming what you would like to do during the night so that I can try to have a little bit of a plan for you, not that anyone will follow it. Also let me know what kinds of pizza that you want so that I can try to get what you want.

March 29th, 2004
So after all the smacktalk and pondering, "Where was he? I didn't see anybody. I just respawned then died!" only one team came out as First place. Halo Junkies won out the 2v2 Halo Tourney, scoring 3-0 every match, not letting a single team score. Some players actually touched the flag for brief moments until they were fragged. On the last match, SoulSplitter actually had to rescue his team's flag, while carrying the other team's flag. In 2nd Place was Team Sloth, and in a close 3rd was Team Predators. Hope everyone had a blast, expecting more competition next tourney, which will be 4v4. All pics are now posted.


March 28, 2004
Hope everyone had fun on @lantis' first CS 5v5 Tourney. A rough start, but everyone seemed to have a good time. Check out the pics. All have been added today, the 28th. Congrats to Team UNCC[1st place] & Team 1Man[2nd place]. Great matchups. Hope to see everyone out for the next Tournament.


March 20, 2004
On April 9, 2004 Atlantis will be having an all night party. Starting at midnight on Friday running till Saturday morning at 8am. This will be for those that want to use our systems as well as those that wish to bring their own, plus, software is your responsablity.

Here is what is planned.
Starting at midnight we'll be handing out 8 hour game passes that will allow you to play all night long. At around 2 am we'll have Pizza delivered at 3 slices per person at least. We will also be giving out 2 $1 drink passes. These can be used to buy any 2 of the sodas that we have or 1 Energy drink, the choice is yours. We will also have snacks on hand for those that will need more.

We will have a few games during the night and there will be some door prizes also.

What is the price you ask? Well, there are 2 prices. If you are using our systems then the price is $35. If you are bringing your own system its $30. These amounts must be prepayed at the store before Friday night. Since this will be a lock in, no one will be allowed to leave, if under 18, with out a parent picking them up. We will also not be allowing people age of 18 or over to just come and go. Once you are here lets have some fun and play. But, we will understand if you must leave just don't plan on returning. This is for your safty as well as those of the other players and ours.

All participants are required to sign a form and those that are 17 or under are also required to have a Parental consent form signed and on file that must give permission for them to stay over night[As well as what game ratings that they can play, Teen and/or Mature].

For questions please see our forums.


March 12, 2004
CounterStrike Tournament Information Added, plus Registration Information.
Follow the link, register your team, and start practicing the topvoted maps.

Halo Tournament Information Added, plus Registration Information. Follow the link, register you and your teammate, and start practicing with the settings.


March 11, 2004
Counter-Strike Tournament Event[Friday March 26th @ 9pm]: 5v5 on maps de_dust, de_dust2, de_prodigy, & de_cbble. Check forums for more information. Dates/Times are subject to change. Registration information will be posted within the next few days. Start practicing to back up your talk from the forums.

Halo Tournament Event[Sunday March 28th @ 4pm]: Check the Halo Forums for more information on details for the tournament. Expect a 2v2 or 4v4. Dates/Times are subject to change. Registration information will be posted within the next few days.


March 9, 2004
Is TV losing out to video games? You bet! Check out this CNN article.


March 4, 2004
Well after a few missed calls we finally got ahold of our X-Box winner. David Abramovitz will be receiving his XBox this weekend. Congradulations to David Adramovitz.


March 1, 2004
All the Pictures have been posted from the GO for last weekend. Thx to everyone for coming out, even though the snow put a damper initially. We all stayed warm and in a fragging mood. Register for the forums and post your requests for the next planned Tournaments.

Also, Halo stats from GO[28th] have been posted from a total of 23 participants.

CounterStrike Stats have been posted. Hope everyone enjoyed the 4v4 for the most part. Official CS Tournament later this month; more information later.

Later gamers...

Feb 27, 2004
Well the snow has put a damper on the planning for the Grand Opening. But we will still be going through with it. Just be on the look out for ice/snow in the parking lot when you get here and leave. We are going to be missing a few of the sponsored prizes as I could not pick them up. So we will make do with what we have.

Please stop by and sign up for the FREE X-Box that we are giving away.

Feb. 24, 2004
New PRICING special. Now through the end of March we will be running a weekday, Mon - Thur, Price break for all members.
All hourly rates are reduced to $3 per hour.

Feb. 21, 2004
New Pics posted one week before GO for final testing. Everyone is having a great time trying out CoD, Desert Combat, & checking out the FarCry demo. Remember to see the banner below or call for more information.

Well here we are 2 weeks from our grand opening and I have not posted anything about it. Ooops. So here it is.

We will be GIVING AWAY** a brand new-in-the-box X-Box to a lucky visitor during the weekend. This will be done through a drawing of all entries* from people that come to the store over the weekend. The drawing will be held on Monday March 1 at 7PM. The winner need not be present to win, but you are more than welcome to be here to see if you are the lucky one!

We will have free game-playing and pizza all throughout our Grand Opening weekend. We'll also be having a few small tournaments. Don't worry, we are going to make them as fair a possible to allow everyone attending the opportunity to compete. There will be prizes for the winners as well as non-winners of the games. As there are a limited number of computers for these games, we will have a sign up sheet for them at the door and will announce when the games will be starting up. For another way to assure yourself of a playing spot, read on..

If you have always wanted to know what it would be like to see how your system would perform when hooked up to a huge internet pipe, here's your chance. We also allow you to bring in your own system and use it during the competitions. Don't forget to bring your keyboard, mouse and monitor. We do have a few extras you could borrow while you are here, but there are limited numbers. If you wish to bring your system, please call ahead and let us know, so that we can reserve you a spot.

If you have any questions, please check this site regularly to see if they will be answered in the due course of time, or call us at (704) 844-6000.

* Entries are processed through a computer entry system. All entrees must be processed through this system and must be filled out fully to qualify.
** Winner must be 18 years old or older. Any person that is under the age of 18 can still register and have their name drawn but the prize must be given to the parent/guardian of the winner, and Both, parent and winner, must be present at the time the prize is received. Winner must pick up prize by March 14th or prize is forfeited. Winner must agree to allow there name, photo, and or voice to be used for advertising purposes. Winner will be notified by phone everyday starting on March 1 untill they are reached.

Jan 22nd, 2004
The Big day has come, we are officially open. So join us for some great fun and frag a few friends.

Jan 18th, 2004
The Black Hawk Down: Team Saber Pre release party was a great success. We all had a great time. We will be having other parties like this as time goes by some will be free some will have a small charge. Watch for pictures and future notices here.

Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre
Saturday Jan 17th, 2004
2pm until we are too tired to play or everyone leaves. Some where around midnight I would think.

NovaLogic, and @LANTIS teamed up to bring you the newest game before its on the market. Come to @LANTIS for a free product launch and lets break in the network party. We are not completely ready to get the doors open but this will be the time to help us break stuff, NO not really. All systems will be only playing Black Hawk Down all other games will not be online to allow max time in trying out this great title.

Space is limited and we will be playing on a first come first server bases. We will still have room for BYOC with a few spare monitors, keyboards and mice. But all will have fun.

*To play we have to follow all ESRB ratings. So you have to be 13 years old or older.

More information will be announced shortly.
Please keep an eye out here for updates.


See our press release for more information.

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